dissapointing meeting with psychologist

after waiting 6 months for help with c.b.t. and psychological help due to T i was so dissapointed when yet again the professional i saw did not have much of a clue about tinnitus!!!! i had to explain thngs about it to her!! she had" heard of it" but didnt really know too much about it. i advised her to find out more as it might seem to be on increase and more people suffering, she assuerd me that she would now speak to her colleagues and try and get someone who was more knowledgeable about it to contact me!!! another 6 month wait then? it really amazes me about the lack of care and knowledge of T in the medical profession. yesterdays exp. coupled with my recent visit to hosp with 2 E.N.T.doctors has left me drained of hope for all of us with T. NOBODY OUT THERE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I would go see your doctor and explain how you went on after waiting patiently for 6 months and ask him for a emergancy appointment with a tinnitus specialist and sycologist even if you have to travel.

    Also put a complaint in on the useless service you had after struggling for the 6 months building your self up for help from the appointment only to feel like a carpet had been pulled from under you!

    Love glynis

  • Are you still playing the drums ?

    Love glynis

  • hi glynis. hardly at all. thats a really big part of my life thats gone sadly,

  • Don't give up. My surgery were useless too and over a month on I still have not seen the audiologist despite telling the doctor I was feeling suicidal. So I'm going to write to them about tinnitus, get them to change their approach towards tinnitus sufferers, donate to BTA and raise awareness via social media. Hopefully more money means more chance of finding a cure. LLx

  • good on you lucie!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tinnitus counselling can help a lot with managing tinnitus. However, if the tinnitus is caused by exposure to loud noise, or is irritated by hyperacusis. If one doesn't find a way to reduce or remove themselves from that environment, then I don't think counselling is going to help.


  • hi michael, i dont have hyperacusis and have been out of loud sounds enviroments for a month, and even then wasnt loud b ut i havent had much help to deal with this at all having to take each day as it comes im not sure if counselling will help but its nice to have said ive had it?????????? and then i c\an try and move on

  • HI drumcraw.

    I have read in books and online that tinnitus counselling can be administered by a Psychologist. I believe unless such a person has tinnitus or experienced it, they will not be able to have any understanding of what a tinnitus patient is going through and thus do this effectively as you have found. I also think the same applies if the person is a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist. It is for this reason many Hearing Therapists and Audiologists that practice tinnitus counselling, also have tinnitus and I have written about this in my article: Tinnitus, A Personal View.

    I speak from experience having met quite a few of these health professionals in tinnitus forums, hepling people with the condtion and have informed me, they were either born with tinnitus or acquired it at some time in their life as my Hearing Therapist who was born with it.

    My ENT consultant is an Audiovestibular physician. These doctors are at the top of their field and know all about the anatomy of the ear. They are able to treat it medically or surgically and do this very well. However in my opinion, most of them don't have a lot of knowledge about tinnitus. I have a good rapport with my consultant to the point we can talk quite openly and this maybe because I've known her for a number of years and have a lot of respect for her knowledge and expertise. One day we were talking and she said I know more about tinnitus than her. I was taken aback by this statement and asked her how could this be? She then said: "Because I have never experienced it".

    It is for this reason, a tinnitus patient is often referred to a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist to learn tinnitus management, when no underlying medical problem is found that is causing the tinnitus which can be treated medically or surgically. It is these people who are the tinnitus experts and not the ENT doctors as it requires a different set of skills and understanding - as I've said, this understanding is something that cannot be learnt through training alone as many of them have tinnitus.

    There are Hearing Therapists and Audiologists that practice tinnitus management. But I believe, to do regular indepth counselling with a tinnitus patient (as in TRT which can take up to 2 years) to have that deep level of understanding and empathy,they have to have experienced intrusive tinnitus. If they have no experience of tinnitus this lack of understanding is often picked up (sensed) by the tinnitus patient.

    Have a talk with your GP and ask for another referral to Audiology and hopefully, the person you see will be able to give you counselling. In addition to this, try sound therapy and this you will be able to do yourself. Use a sound machine at night by your beside and also during the day if possible using whatever sound enrichment you prefer. I advise to refrain from using headphones even at low level. Keeping away from loud sounds as you have been doing is good and if you're able to continue with this even better.

    All the best


  • thanks michael, i dont think any of the audiologists i see now haveT the one that didsadly died . i am hoping that the psychologist i saw does find someone more qualified to counsel me. i have had a sound generator by my bed for afew years now doesnt help i still have to take pills to sleep .i never use headphones at all since soon after i gotT, and i am not playing much at all once i1 last month and also1 at end of this month, thnaks for your reply, crawford

  • I am so sorry you had a bad experience , please remember there are others here who understand what you are going through and will support as best we all can , collectively. I too had a very negative experience - and this was with the Hearing Therapist at the local audiology department. Her attitude was "it's just a noise you know it is ", said very dismissively.My GP was so annoyed she wrote a letter and I spoke to PALS , but don't like complaining so I wouldn't follow it through. I have heard since others have been upset and also feel bad I could have helped them.not to experience this if I had spoken up. Please keep plodding on and reaching out to others - it does help ☺

  • I think it's always best to speak up so they are aware of their downfall and sometimes ignorance. I am hoping I don't have to wait too long for my tests to establish what's going on then deal with it..... Just the waiting game atm! . . Carol.

  • Don't feel bad most people don't like to speak out to the so called professionals!

  • in my experience the so called specialists arent special!!!!!

  • Hi Foxy,

    I believe we see things in a similar way. I am not afraid to speak out about these so called health professionals. Twenty one years ago when I first got tinnitus, I had to report my Hearing therapist, because of her lack of respect and rudeness towards me.

    I wrote a letter to the head of Audiology and explained what happened. I attended an appointment to discuss the matter at length, with a senior Dr, who was by contrast extremely nice and understanding. Fortunately I didn't have to see that Hearing Therapist again. I later learned other tinnitus patients had made complaints about the same Hearing Therapist and she was asked to leave the hospital.

    My new Hearing Therapist had a deep understanding of tinnitus and I wasn't surprised when she told me she was born with it. The previous one had told me early on she had never experienced tinnitus.


  • hi carol i tottally agree!!!!!!

  • hi lindsay. thats the same attitude i got at edinburgh audio. what is it with these people? seems to be a adiologists trait i wonder if they get told to be like that as being sympathetic might make patient worse?

  • Sorry to hear your journey seemed a waste of time, I'm just starting mine. I hope you get some relief soon!...... Carol.

  • As a Community Worker for 30 years , empowering people has been my passion and job. Alas my tinnitus has knocked personal confidence and the sense of powerlessness increased it . But we carry on 😄

  • Bit of a postcode lottery I think, with different NHS Trusts etc.

    I got fobbed off by ENT initially, but kicked up a fuss via the GP's and ended up with referrals to audiology departments at 2 different Trusts. After waiting c.2mths, one of these was a waste of time - it was a 90minute information session, with a few leaflets handed out that had clearly been pulled from the internet. They advised that was the extent of tinnitus 'therapy' that they offered. I've put a formal complaint in about this, as I feel it's bordering on cruelty in our situation to hold out the prospect of 'therapy' if this is all they're going to offer. The other referral got me sat in front of a well-known locally tinnitus specialist, whose name had been cropping up everywhere when I'd been digging into this. Fingers crossed, I'm going to be able to establish an ongoing clinical relationship with this guy, he has indicated they can offer long-term support.

  • hi ruud1boy thtas great your getting someone that knows sadly here in edinburgh they dont know, glasgow abit better certain;ly attitude is much better and help but they are so over stretched that my apps. are 6 months apart!!!!!

  • I wish you luck!

  • Tinnitus Retraining Therapy involves specific CBT combined with sound therapy. I have found ENTs and otologists to be useless. Audiologists are much more versed in treating tinnitus.

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