The Kindness of Strangers

Hello Lovely People. just wanted to say a big thank you to this fabulous group for supporting me through a really tough day on Saturday when I just couldn't stop crying because of this challenging condition. You really helped me get through it and to understand that, as one kind member put it, there's always hope. I will have those words tattooed on me.

On Sunday I had a fabulous day. The tinnitus was at very low level and I almost felt as though I hadn't got it at all. We visited my favourite art gallery, went walking and I had best chocolate milkshake I've ever tasted. It was bliss. LLx

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  • Hi LuverlyLucie,

    So glad you had a great day on Sunday. It just goes to show that Mr T can be kept in his place if you get out and do the things that you enjoy doing.


  • Thanks. Sadly it has come back again but days like Sunday are sublime and I make the most of every sweet moment. LLx

  • I'm happy you had a good day. That's the way it goes, today my ears are a bit quieter. 😀😀.

  • What a lovely comment! Take a bow, everyone!

  • Hi Lucie glad you got through it and had a better day on Sunday i've been in your place and the only thing that got me through it was support from this website and the generous messages of support of others we are all here to help each other Love David

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