humming rather than hissing

I don't visit very often as my tinnitus is caused by an acoustic neuroma and my noises are (thankfully) less problemmatical for me than that suffered by many T sufferers.

Recently, though, I've begun 'hearing' a humming throughout my whole head and not on one side or the other as with T. Not hearing it, of course, but experiencing it.

I suspect it's part of T's range of sound effects - has anyone else experienced similar humming?

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  • Hi unclemac. I think it's quite common to have more than one T sound. My main sound is a high pitched whistle/hiss ( I call it a hisstle), but I also have a secondary sound which is not there all the time. That one is a low pitched wobbly hum. A bit like if you were standing next to a beehive, or the light sabre noise from Start Wars.


  • Thanks, John, for replying. What you've described is very similar to what I'm now experiencing. I say 'now' because this humming is new for me and I've had T since 2008. My T noise, on my 'bad' side, is a loud (subjectively) 'hissssssss' whose apparent volume and intensity hasn't varied significantly since it developed all those years ago. My 'good' side has a much lower level of 'tinkling' noise that is variable in 'loudness' but thus far much less than the bad side.

    I've yet to learn the characteristics of this new and equally unwelcome component of noise. :( But from what you've said, and from what I've found online, it does look like tinnitus could be the cause.

    My next tumour scan is mid May so I'll find out then if alternatively that might be involved in causing this new noise.

  • Unclemac, I also have an acoustic neuroma and have yearly scans but i don't think having more than one T sound is exclusive to those of us with neuromas.


  • I didn't suggest that only tumour sufferers had more than a single tinnitus sound but after eight years of little-variability in my tinnitus noise this humming is new to me.

    My point in mentioning the tumour is that it's possible THAT could be the cause of my humming if it's grown since the last scan and is now compressing other areas. If not then it looks like I may simply have acquired a new sound effect.

  • Just in case anyone should be following, or maybe reading in the future, I'm bringing this thread up to date. I was greatly relieved - and extremely surprised - that a couple of days or so after my rumbling sound started it largely and abruptly disappeared. Just a hint every now and then but the near-continual humming has gone, thank goodness.

    At the outset I did wonder if it was an external low frequency sound I was hearing, maybe from one of the many wind turbines popping up all over the landscape or from some other piece of machinery. I remember reading somewhere that the sound from turbines can be heard at great distances and not (as might be thought) only close to them.

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