TinniTool, does it work or not ?

Hi ! Anyone tried out the " TinniTool system " or know a little about it. The system claims to improve Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, Meniere's, ear pressure and Morbus ? Furthermore the time limit is within 15 days at 20 minutes a day for long lasting relief. At £340 it is not cheap, and as with all Tinnitus type treatments, there is no guarantee "on the tin ". It sounds good even if it just turns the volume down.

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  • I know there is no magic cure. I think when people report success with whatever they are reporting natural habituation and giving credit to whatever gadget or vitamin they happen to be using at the time the volume goes down. If there was any real reliable thing to help, I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be millions of us still suffering. That's just my opinion. I wouldn't discourage anyone from trying what they feel could help them, I know I've tried everything I could get my hands on with no success.

  • I guess you're right, I have no intention of forking out £340 for a device that only claims to turn the volume down and doesn't offer a money back guarantee. Like you, I've seen claims that vitamin- B- drastically reduces Tinnitus ? Moreover, recently, in a article in Daily Mail health pages US researchers claimed coloured lights can ease Tinnitus symptoms by 40 percent ? Yet, Tinnitus can go from high to low for no reason. Oh ! I'm still waiting to hear about the wonder drug undergoing trials in Brazil with its significant and impressive action on Tinnitus. I'm not holding my breath. Many thanks for your insight and opinion.

  • There's no evidence that it works, and the mechanism by which it is supposed to work has no correlation with the state of current scientific knowledge about tinnitus.

    One of our professional advisers basically says spend the money on a relaxing holiday, it will do you more good...

  • Many thanks for your input. I agree with your advisor.

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