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Plymouth Tinnitus Information Day!

Plymouth Tinnitus Information Day

The event is free of charge to attend for the general public (tinnitus sufferers and their partners/carers), where our tinnitus experts will be giving talks throughout the day about the basic facts on tinnitus, treatments available, how to manage stress and methods of relaxation.

Registration will start at 9.00am with the meeting commencing at 9.30am and will finish around 2.15pm.

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided free of charge, there will be communication support available and a chance to sample relaxation sessions, there will also be a number of exhibitors on hand for advice and information.

The aims of the day are to familiarise patients and families on all aspects of the impact of tinnitus, draw attention to the therapy choices and to have an opportunity to share information. To benefit fully from the day, it would be ideal to attend for the whole event and take part in the taster sessions during the lunch break, however there is no problem in arriving/leaving early.

People who have attended previous tinnitus information days, have said:

"The day was way beyond my expectations. I will concentrate on having the best life I can."

"I wish I could have heard all this 20 years ago."

"Absolutely loved the day, calmed my tinnitus."

"Completely changed my perception of tinnitus."

You are invited to come along to learn how to reduce stress, confusion and isolation and cope better with the condition.

The BTA Team

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Hi all, I really do recommend these Information Days - I went to a recent one in Birmingham - and since then have felt better able to understand and hence cope with my T. The BTA team are so friendly too ! Angela xx


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