Sleepless in the South East

Hello lovely people. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for a good night's sleep?

I get to sleep okay but I seem to dream then wake, dream then wake. The T is really loud in the morning.

Yesterday's dreams were on the theme of transport and in one the train wasn't stopping at our stations. We alerted the driver and he was very apologetic. Last night's dreams were more random.



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  • Melatonin could help you sleep better or if a long term problem a low AD medication for sleep....

    I find if I have a busy dream my tinnitus is louder when I wake.

    My ears are blasting full force and like it for days with two constant sounds,high pitch and a deep hum.....the little monkeys and keeping me awake...lots of love glynis

  • I've used melatonin, it helps get to sleep but doesn't keep me asleep. Funny, in my dreams I don't have tinnitus. There are some over the counter sleep aids that work ok, mostly they are antihistamines, a little internet search should give you a good recommendation, in the US there's a brand called Kirkland that work quite well but like all medications like this, short term use only. They lose effectiveness after a while.

  • Many thanks NJA. I never hear my tinnitus in my dreams either. Bliss. My two favourite sounds are now the hoover and the shower/shower fan combo. LLx

  • I use melatonin from time to time a few nights each week as i then know i will get some rest - also have a fan to the left of me and a youtube track on low speakers to the right and me in the centre of the room makes it my sleep zone with the whole combination i get sleep each night now but at times i wonder how can one compare themselves to others, do i have T less than most or is it just the beginning so i also dont think about it i seem now to just do. Jan 4th this year was when it appeared but finding ways around it, i learnt if one person benefits from a single post then for sure it is worth saying in a post. btw did the shower fan noise and a few other tracks found this one was the best so far

  • I never drink coffee or tea after three in the afternoon. Before I stopped I used to lie awake at night listening to the noises in my ear and feeling panicky. Limiting caffeine has helped me a lot.

  • Thanks Momo. This is helpful. The ringing is really bad today and I had an espresso before I went to bed last night so its definitely worth a try. As for tea I have it practically white because I get stomach ache if I have it too strong so it's probably fine. I also have soya milk in it these days. LLx

  • Caffeine is definitely a no no Lucie. I have a glass of cherry juice which contains melatonin. Love, Angela xx

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