How long did it take for things to settle down for you after initial onset of tinnitus?

Hi there!

Only a few months into tinnitus with a degree of hyperacusis and have been told things should settle down and improve over time.

Quick question to the community: How long did it take for things to settle down for you after initial onset of tinnitus?

I know everyone is different but would be interesting to hear other peoples experience. Hitting me hard over past few days and trying to to keep positive, feel like I've just been left to get on with things so this forum and the BTA website is a life line for me right now.

Thanks for reading!

J :)


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15 Replies

  • Had mine for 5 years, it's never settled down, it's still horrendous, the only difference is now I try not to let it bug me. It is what it is, sadly.

  • Thanks for being so honest, anything in particular you find helpful to not let it get to you?

  • Well, today is really bad, whole head buzzing, but I've still been out with friends for lunch and shopping. Doing normal everyday things helps. Distraction of any kind if you feel up to it, I never try to mask, for me, it just doesn't work and makes it louder. As does a nice nanny nap in the afternoon! Grrrr.

    It's not easy TBH, but it's not going away so I have to accept this is my new (horrid) self now. And some days feel better than others.

  • Hi Julie, having T is the most challenging of all health issues and I have had a few over the years. I have had it for just over 2 years now, acquired the day after a major op. So it was either the anaesthetic or the stress of the op - well that's my diagnosis anyway!

    The first 6 months were truly noisy, painful and miserable. I was given a hearing aid and a masker, by the local NHS audiology department, and then the T started to quieten, very gradually. After 12 months I was having days when I didn't hear it at all and those days when I do hear it don't bother me too much and those who don't know me wouldn't know I have it. Time does heal. Get a good night of sleep, take anti anxiety meds if your GP thinks you need them, and get referred to hospital audiology.

    This forum has very supportive and knowledgeable members and it is good continue on this forum to know that you are not alone.

    Best wishes and love, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela

    Do you wear the HA's they've given you, or have you just managed to get a grip on the T without them? I've been given some but I've been getting mixed messages from the various audiologists I've seen as to whether these are absolutely necessary.

  • Hi Ruud, I have worn my hearing aid and masker since being given them almost two years ago. I know that the HA has quietened my T because when I take it off the T becomes noticeable again. My T took time to settle even with the aids. Of course, T is so different for each person so one size doesn't fit all, as the saying goes.

    best wishes, love, Angela xx

  • Thanks for your response Angela and sound advice. Getting a good nights sleep and reducing my stress and anxiety is at the top of my list. I've never been known for my patience but I think I'm going to have to learn! Tough trying to get my head around there not being a quick fix, just need ride it out as best I can. I wish you all the best too :) J

  • Hi Julie, I`ve had my tinnitus for two and a half years following a cold/virus when I also lost about 40 - 50% of my hearing. The first six months were hell and I felt my life wasn`t worth living.

    Then I got some counselling, joined the BTA and through them found out about a local support group. All these things plus reading success stories got me through plus medication to calm me down. I eventually got to the stage where I would have a good day then a bad day.

    For about 12 months now I would say that I`ve been ok. My tinnitus is not as loud, sometimes I can`t hear it and when I do it doesn`t make me anxious anymore.

    I can`t speak for everybody but my own experience has been that things do get better.

    Hope this helps. Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne, thank you for sharing. Pleased that things have got better for you and agree it is great to read how other people come through this as it gives me hope. It's very early and frustrating days for me but I know I need to try and keep positive, which can be hard as it feels like it's taken over my life right now! I hope things continue to improve for you, best wishes J :)

  • Hi Julie, I've had mine for six months now, I don't actually think it's settled down at all, I've just got more used to it and use strategies like white noise maskers on bad days. I find stress sends it wild too. There is NO pattern to it at all does what it wants, when it wants. 😤 Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Steve, thanks for responding. T is a very unwanted guest for us all :( I have been told everything should calm down and move into my peripheral so naturally I'm wondering how long it's likely to take but it's the old how longs a piece of string analogy and by the sounds of it much like T everyone's different. I do hope things do eventually settle down for you. All the best :) J

  • Hi Julie, sometimes I get frustrated and angry, as this time last year I enjoyed a largely Tinnitus free life. Although, I'm pretty sure I've always had low level T, it's just never been in my consciousness. It's a different ball game now, although I relish the the odd occasion it slips from my mind, which I'm hopeful will become more frequent. 👍🏻😉

  • Hi julie,

    Ive had T for 19 months now and in the beginning it was constantly loud but over time it began to get better although ive never had days when its disappeared, i do have days when its less audible. Ive tried using a hearing aide with built in masking sounds as I have mild hearing loss but it doesnt always work so dont use it as much at the moment. I do use sound enrichment at night to help me get off to sleep and i would say that was the best thing as i was really struggling with sleeping and didnt want to carry on taking sleeling tablets. It certainly made a difference and now can get off to sleep most nights.

    Im not sure that my T will ever quieten but i have learnt to live with it and not let it control what i do. I do use an app on my phone called white noise which has quite a few masking sounds on it in the evenings if my t is really bad so that it gives me some respite.

    Belonging to the BTA has also helped and using this forum as a way to reach out to other people who understand what you're going through has also helped me to come to terms with having T.

    Everyone's T is different though and theres no right or wrong way to deal with it but if you just take a little bit of advice from everyone, you can find what suits you best.

    Hope this helps


    Lesley x

  • Hello Lesley 😊 I hope to have your outlook and not let it control my life. Everything seems to revolve around it right now and I get anxious and avoid doing a lot of things incase it cranks up the volume. My ears are hypersensitive right now but I'm trying to get used to not plugging them and increase my tolerance to louder environments. A lot of trial and error going on but as you say I should find something that suits me. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond, best wishes, J 😊

  • nearly 5 years now and no sign of settlement

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