A lovely sunny weekend

Hi everyone. Its so up lifting to see the sun shining this weekend and although today (being mothers day) is still a sad day for me, to have the sun out, has made it more bearable.

Im still trying out the hearing aide only experiment. Have had mixed results so far as some days T has been noisy even with using hearing aide and not masking. Then other days its been fine. So no real pattern emerging as yet.

What is mystifying is that it can be low level in the morning, then as soon as i start eating my lunch, the noise level goes up, although this is not all the time as if Im at home, it doesnt do this after eating. Im beginning to wonder if it is something to do with the fact that as i work in the operating department and we have a different air pressures, its going from one to the other as i leave the department to have my lunch, thats causing it to spike. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Lesley x

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  • The sun even came to Central Scotland this weekend. Today I fell asleep sitting in the garden whilst wearing a T-shirt, in March!

  • Hi Lesley I think seeing the sun always brightens your mood and uplifting I find with my hearing aids you can't completely mask your tinnitus you should always set your maskers just below your tinnitus mine has be noticeable today from my Left ear still let's hope for a good summer and quite days love David.

  • Hi Lesley, it was beautiful here in Berkshire...day spent doing outside chores and a nice long run...even got some colour on my face...sunbathing in March 🌞 who'd have thought it! Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Lesley, it certainly was a wonderful weekend. The difference in room pressure/noise is one my audiologist mentioned to me when fitting my hearing aid. The aid takes time to get used to the outside noise- I have three settings on mine which I scroll through when I am in various situations- restaurant, listening to music and universal. When I move to a different room - even in size it takes a few seconds to get used to the room noise level which then changes the hearing aid response. It may be this change you are getting used to . It made me realise how wonderful the human ear really is , as we don't notice this adjustment when we have normal hearing - it happens automatically. The best thing to do is to accept that there will be a change and before long you won't notice it.

    Jane x

  • Hi Lesley,

    Lovely sunny weekend also and looks nice today also.

    I put my winter cardigans away and got my thin ones out ...hope I wont need them...lots of love glynis

  • Hi Lesley wondering exactly the same btw why at times does it appear to be louder - finding an answer there must be one even though we kinda say ah well it was louder yesterday evening .. why ? thats what i think we both wish to know .. i think - enjoy your sunshine.

  • Hi Lesley, sunny in Shropshire too over the weekend, made perfect by having my son, daughter & her partner here for Mothering Sunday. Hope you enjoyed family time too

    I think that even with looking after our ears ie no loud noises, no cotton buds etc our T will always have its own way and will try to get the better of us. Like you I have been trying various combinations of masking sounds and wearing hearing aid. The hearing loss is so slight in my right ear that I don't notice when I don't wear it. My conclusion so far is that, for me, distraction is the better method. When I am busily doing something my T is quiet. But, having to be busy is tiring!

    Have a peaceful week, love, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela,

    Glad you had a lovely mothers day with your family.

    All the family went to visit mums grave and we put on flowers but its not quite the same and i miss her very much we had lunch with Dad afterwards and raised a glass to mum.

    I can't say that using just the hearing aide is actual making any difference although on sunday i wore it and T stayed quieter. But today it didn't and sitting hear this evening, Im having to use my white noise app to mask the ringing as its quite loud. Distraction definietly seems the best way but like you say, that can be very draining in itself.

    I more or less just take each day as it comes now and although I dont have any days where my T is non existant like you do, It still doesnt stop me from going about my daily routine. I wish we could fathom out the pattern of what makes it good or bad as then it would make it esasier to deal with when its not behaving itself. Hope you have a lovely week too. Love lesley xxx

  • Hi Lesley, I think it might just be how your mind is focused. In the morning while you're working in the operating department you are just concentrating more on the work in hand and Mr T can't get a look in. But when you go to lunch you allow your mind to relax and you're not focusing on anything in particular which is when your T becomes more noticeable. It probably hasn't actually got any louder - just that you're more aware of it all of a sudden. Maybe at home when you have lunch you have other distractions like the radio or tv going?


  • Hi John, thanks for your advice.You could be right as when Im scrubbed for cases I hardly notice my T, yet as soon as the operation has finished, i start to notice it again. Trouble is, theres not much else to use as a distraction and I can't just leave theatre whenever i want too (other than to use the bathroom or going for breaks) so its kind of hard at times. I wonder if i should take my hearing aide out if i go outside to eat my lunch? and put it back in when i go back to work. Im still not convinced that the hearing aide is right for me to use in the working environment though. But only time will tell. Lesley x

  • Hello Lesley, just wondering how you are? Hope all is well with you. Love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, apart from my ears ringing, Im ok. Have been trying to sort out the shed, greenhouse and garden ready for the move. We are going to another rental property as a stop gap until we find somewhere to buy but its exhausting when I'm trying to do all this on my days off. Plus Im having to get ready for revalidation with the NMC which i have to do so has meant time spent at the computer which seems to upset my T. I'm still having quietish days but not as many as before. I shall just be glad when we've moved and settled in as then i can relax. Only problem is that we shall have to do it all over again once we find a home to buy but at least we won't have to pack up everything as we're only unpacking the essentials. Oh well at least once we have a permanent home we won't have to do it again. I am off on another walk this saturday to Arundel in west sussex so will take my mind off of the move for a few hours. I am enjoying the sunshine though. Hope you are ok too. Love and best wishes lesley xxx

  • Hi Lesley, it is not surprising that you're hearing your T more as you have so much going on! Thankfully as I am retired I can generally arrange my life as i please - and since I got T my life is much more introverted as I find that a quiet life means my T is quieter too! If I am in certain situations I can physically feel the electrical activity in my brain ramping up the T - well that's how it seems to me! You were habituating well to your T so when you have moved and taken your NMC test you will have more quieter days. You will feel better when on your weekend walk - hope the lovely sunshine continues. Best wishes and love, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, you are so lucky to be able to do whatever you want whenever you want. Ive got another 15 years before i can retire but with the nhs pension i could go in 8 years but i would still have to work. Dont want to wish my life away but would gladly love to give up working full time. But buying a house will mean i cant do this.

    Im sure my T will get better once the move is over but its like you take one step forward and then two steps back wards and its hard to work out whats caused it to mis behave. Still i have the walk to look forward too tomorrow and its going to be a lovely weekend so will be making the most of it. Have a great weekend. Love and best wishes xxx

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