After two years, and all the stress, anxiety and tears that T brings I think that I've turned the tables.

From allowing T to control me 100% in the things I did, thoughts and feelings etc etc, I have I dragged that down to 30 %, it's hard to explain but I think I'm actually winning.

Is this my own habituation, I can still see light at the end of the tunnel as well.

Anyone else with a % chart of their own on how T is now and what it was like in the early days would be interesting.

Woke early this morning and felt that I should post this, especially for anyone that is new to T, have faith.

Gary X

Ps the X is for the girls only

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  • Gary, that's wonderful news. In just two years you have done a fantastic job.....mine took 12 years and through that time the last few years were the worst as my job was so stressful I wanted to end it all. I decided my job was the problem and " negotiated my exit". I had to use my T as my way out which at the time felt that my T had won, yet looking back it was the turning point and my T has been better since and my habituation got better since then. Now in my 17th year I get stronger every day .

    Thanks for sharing ....and I love the x

    Jane x

  • Hi Jane, Nice to read that you have fought and won against T. It is the most trying condition which only we sufferers can understand. Stress certainly makes my T worse which is why I don't do as much driving as I used to! Let the train take the strain.




  • lol...Gary. Your comment at the end of your post did make me smile.

    It certainly sounds like you're well on into the habituation path and can see the finish line ahead. It is exactly what I was referring to in my post titled: The habituation process elsewhere on this forum.

    Best of luck and hope things continue to go well for you.


  • Lovely to hear....lots of love glynis

  • Hi Gary, a great post for me to see as soon as I looked at the posts this morning. I don't do percentages or charts, but over the last two years my T has been either silent or at a bearable level. I never believed the audiologist when she said my brain would get used to the sounds but thank goodness she was right!

    Love, Angela xx

  • Hi Gary

    That's absolutely brilliant news. As someone who has just started on this journey it gives me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Best of luck in the continued improvement


  • Well done Gary !!

    Yes I know from my own experience that things do get better. After all the bad stuff at the beginning I started to see a little ray of hope - that was nearly two years ago.

    I haven`t got a percentage number but at our support group recently I filled in the same questionnaire that I`d filled in when I first saw an audiologist in 2014. I couldn`t believe how far I`d come - I can`t exactly remember the score but it went from something like 86 down to about 8.

    Yes I agree about telling the newbies - it was success stories that kept me going during the dark days.

    Love Lynne xx

  • Just got in from work, hey it's the weekend hooray.

    Thanks for the replys everyone, after I sent the post this morning at silly o'clock I've had this little skip in my step.

    I know that I/we have all still got along way to go dealing with this dam irritation T but I do feel a lot happier with in my self, I'm glad that I can share that with you all, and if being positive helps just one other then that will make me make my day to.

    Gary X for girls only still

  • Hi Gary

    First of all great post for the newbies, and second well done for keeping the faith.

    We all travel down this road with T and sometimes we wonder if our quality of life will ever return and you are living proof that it can. And after all this time I still can't fathom out my T so I've given up trying to understand it, I've come to accept it and move on, life's too short to worry about the ifs and butts of it all, the way I see it there's no point dwelling on the situation, so on the face of it not much else we can do really.

    Anyway as you say its the weekend so happy days.

    Keep the faith


    PS I won't end with an X

  • Hi. That's great to hear . Please contact for you and the hope it gives others. I have just left another job because if my tinnitus ( or rather the impact the awful environment and stress was having on my body ). At the moment my tinnitus haso gone up again ( like a trapped bluebottle in my head ) and I feel really poorly. Just hoping it's the storm before the calm 😂

  • I was diagnosed 6 mths ago, I had an MRI scan last Wednesday.

    I read a lot about habituation, I don't really understand what it means, does it disappear or does your brain just get used to it?

    I have days when I hardly notice it but the past week or so it has been quite intense, it's at these times I start to lose confidence.

  • Hi rovert47

    Same as you had MRI, been to doctors, ENT ect.

    In my case T and the none silent world I now have to live with has NOT gone but it's more your brain gets used to it, I've had really bad days, even tears, but those days have gone thankfully.

    My T could be less or more than yours I don't no, but when you say some days you hardly notice it, that's sort off habituation if you think of it.


  • hi gary. ive hadT for 4 years now and find its still as bad as it was 4 years ago. ive tried everything especially with sound generators but nothing ginko biloba too and no results o i dont know w hen ill start to habituate, if at all!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi drum crew, my T is still there, I don't think that I suffer as you do mate but I can see the light at the end of a murky tunnel.

    Some have come back and said two years is very quick to start to habituate, I just woke up really early one morning and had these thoughts that's all. I had to post them.

    I hope for you and everyone habituation comes to us all.

    I stay as busy as I can, even trying to teach my self the harmonica, which I'm really rubbish at, but it does take my mind off of my T.


  • thanks gary. i used to play drums to relax even that afwfcts my T now even with ear plugs in!!!!!!!!!!

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