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Hi, i'm new to this.only very recently started having a pulsating ringing sound in both of my ears.went to my doctors yesterday, apparently my ears look ok no wax or infections.she is going to put me in touch with my local ear nose and throat department. iv'e been doing some online research and i was wondering if anybody in the community has ever tried acoustic cr, neuromodulation theraphy. As with most things it promises a lot but can it deliver. yours n

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  • Thanks for the reply j.Interesting to hear that you are on that theraphy. How does it all work and what do you have to do.I'm guessing it will take a while for it to kick in, but any temporary relief from it must be good. yours n.

  • Welcome to the forum soul64.

    Pulsitile tinnitius can be treated if they find the cause as can be vascular.

    Treatment can also be with a small betablocker or hearing aids....lots of love glynis

  • Thanks for the reply g. It's given me something to research. It's early days for me ,but i'm determined to explore every avenue, to make this noise go away or at least reduce it a bit. yours n.

  • Acoustic Neuromodulation underwent a clinicial trial (called RESET2) at the Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit. These results were not published as there was an issue with the trial protocol. However, the BTA were able to obtain a copy of the End of Study Report via a Freedom of Information request. This Report indicates no significant difference in the main outcome measures between the treatment group and the placebo (non-treatment) group.

  • Thank you for your reply. When i researched acoustic neuromodulation theraphy ,it looked like there was a treatment out there for t . I was actually thinking of contacting the tinnitus clinic for some information, on the theraphy. yours n.

  • I wouldn't discourage you from contacting them, by any means. They do offer a range of support, not just the neuromodulation device, although obviously there is a price attached.

  • I guess we all follow the same path in our quest to rid ourselves of this beast,a bit ott on that. this forum and the bta do a great job,lots of ideas and helpful advice. thank you. n

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