New Sounds?

Morning, a quick question to the community. Do you ever get brand new T sounds? My T has settled into a reasonably predictable pattern lately by this weekend a new constant tone in my left ear has appeared, it gets louder with ambient noise...was LOUD on the tube this morning!

My T is bad today anyway so I wonder if it'll subside when my spike dies down, it's another flipping irritation I could do without though 😡

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  • Oh yes, it's completely and utterly unpredictable. Mine is bad too right now, and hollow and horrid, but I live in hope that it improves.

  • There's nothing quite like it for putting you in a bad mood and making you feeling low 😤

  • I've noticed different sounds!

    I hope your mood has lifted.

  • Thanks Foxy, new noise still here but the brain static is better for the moment....which is something I guess 🙄

  • Hi Steve, yes, unfortunately my T has changed many times over the past two years. I habituate to a particular noise and then a new one appears! It also changes during the day though thankfully I get silent days too, or quieter days. It will settle down in time (I honestly didn't believe mine ever would) and when you do hear it, it won't be as annoying. Stay strong and calm. Angela xx

  • Thanks Angela. I do have good days where it doesn't bother me, I feel so upbeat on these occasions....then I get days like today where it's so intrusive and distracting I struggle to focus on work because of its hissing squeaking nastiness 😠 Hopefully it'll improve with a good nights sleep tonight 😴 Cheers, Steve

  • It will get better Steve. I never believed mine would. Today I can hear it but it doesn't bother me. I would never have believed that when I first got it! Angela xx

  • Thanks Angela xx

  • My T is mild, is it possible that it can stay that way or is this just the beginning?

  • Hi foxy, mine was mild too. Within months i got a sore throat virus from hell which changed my T for the worse. After 5 months of hell it settled and became bearable. After a time I began to realise that I hadn't heard my T. Those periods have got longer and longer and can last for days, so I suppose that is habituation. We each have our own journey with T so all I can say is to take care of your ears and listen to all the good advice on this forum. Angela xx

  • Hi Steve ,

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Try remember the things that help you get through a bad day and knowing you did it will help when tinnitus gets loud again .....stay strong and a nice treat keep your chin up...lots of love glynis

  • Thanks Glynis, sitting at my desk in the office doesn't help...but I know in a few days it'll be bearable. I'm beginning to wonder whether my SRRI medication might be affecting it too 🤔 xx

  • Hi Glynis, Well, its about a week since my new constant tone's still here, sometimes it gets really loud, other times I don't really notice it but in a quiet room it's very noticeable.

    I'm getting pretty stressed about this now, I was just getting to grips with the T I had, and now this. I do hope it's a passing phase and quiets down 😳

  • Hi Steve,

    Its hard when we get a new sound that hangs around a long time and not knowing if its going to settle again.

    If you haven't been listening to loud music it should settle down.

    Viruses or allergies or stress or medications or sinus problems can spike it.

    Lets hope it calms down for you soon as know how it can make you feel.

    Try stay positive It will settle for now....lots of love glynis

  • Thanks Glynis, it's not down to loud music, I'm not really sure what the cause is to be honest. Earlier today it went very loud for about 20 seconds, along with a really odd feeling in my ear, then the sound reduced in volume to the new level...quite unnerving really. Feel like a need a week off lying in the sun as I'm pretty knackered...that fatigue could play a part too I guess 🤔 x

  • Have you just started it or had a resent increase?....lots of love glynis

  • I started In December Glynis, Sertraline, which I'm led to believe is relatively gentle as far as SRRI's are concerned but I did have some unpleasant side affects to start with. Cheers, Steve

  • Hi I am on sertraline as well . Started Christmas , first 2 weeks felt worse but now much better cope with bad tinnitus . I was prescribed by ent and says best one with least side effects . As anti anxiety helps you not focus on tinnitus ! I am also having a bad few days ! It's such a bummer as was doing well up to last week !! But heyho we must stay positive !!! Hoping you get relief soon !! Hugs emma

  • Hi Emma, that sounds like a similar situation to mine! My T started in September/October and really knocked me for 6 and as I wasn't getting much sleep at all I struggled to cope. I started sertraline just before Xmas and it was weird to start with but I'm more adapted now I think. Ears are shocking today with a new weeeeeeee in my left ear accompanying my loud brain static. Hopefully it's a spike and will die down! That's the thing with learn to live with it and then it throws you a curve ball! Keep smiling 😀 Steve x

  • Mine is shocking loud today.

  • Oh bummer! Hope it improves for the weekend😤

  • Hope so too, it's not likely to, it has a mind of its own, and its own agenda!! And I'm getting a headache now because of it. Ho hum.

  • Ah nuts...have a glass of wine 🍷👍🏻

  • Done. 😂

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