Really bad night

Morning, my T has been volatile for a few days but last night about 10 it really ramped up, when i took my hearing aids out at 11 ish it went crazy and stayed that way all night. Very little, fitful sleep and no better this morning. My head feels like it's going to explode, just full of pressure, I'm so fed up and exhausted.

It's definitely increased a lot on taking my hearing aids out the last 3 nights I'm wondering the aids could be causing this or are they just masking the fact it's been bad anyway?

Just had enough of this, after 10 months, every time i think it's finally selling down a bit it ramps right back up, is this how it's going to be for the rest of my life? -Bev x

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  • Hi Bev,

    My ears go nuts after hearing aids been in or playing sound therapy.

    I try not use them now as my hearing does benifit from them but my tinnitus reacts to extra sound going in ...

    Im just trying cope without them in now and do most days even when really loud but bad spikes with menieres is challenging.

    Hope you have a better night sleep and a quieter weekend...lots of love glynis

  • Hi Bev, my hearing aid and masker generally quieten my T during the day (but over the past couple of weeks it has been more noticeable as I have a sore throat virus). I too find that when I take out my aids the tinnitus gradually becomes more noticeable. I sleep with the rainfall on my sound oasis all night every night which helps.

    Don't despair, your T will settle down and you will get used to it. I am confident that once I am over this virus my T will be quiet again. It isn't easy, like you I had a horrible feeling in my head too. At times, I had such pain in my head, the like of which I had never before experienced and which lasted for 3 months or so.

    I have had it for 2 years now and most of the time am coping. It takes time to come to terms with it. Each person's T is as individual as their face so there isn't a one size fits all treatment, unfortunately. I am deliberating whether I should be wearing my aids all the time in case they are aggravating the noise.

    Hope you're having a better day. Love Angela xx

  • Thanks so much ladies, bit better through the day today, kind of dreading taking my hearing aids out but it has to be done. I do have long ish bad phases so I won't put it down to the hearing aids yet.

    I'm definitely going to ask my audiologist about tinnitus maskers and counselling and about whatever help is available-Bev x

  • Hi like most who wear hearing aids when I take mine out my Tinnitus is louder but I have a sound machine and a headband with speakers which I put under my pillow case and as lie on my right side to mask my Tinnitus I also use a Lavender spray you can buy from most chemists which helps you relax and you can get a roll on Lavender to put on your pulse points to help you relax I hope this helps.David

  • I will look into pillow speakers or something for night time David thank you. I already use a lavender spray and it does help-Bev x

  • Hi Bev pillow speakers the standard white ones you can buy from Amazon or the bta shop can be problematic they fall out of your pillows and you have to place them in your pillow case and sleep with your ear over them i found if you buy the headband speakers the can be laid out flat the speakers are square flat and easily go into your pillow easier and more comfortable. David xx

  • Ah ok thanks for that David-Bev x

  • Have you got a nature sounds player, Bev? It really is something else to focus on away from what's going on in your head? Helps me anyway ....and my hearing aids have a masker too which is a comfort. Berry

  • Nature sounds sound good thank you, I'll look into that. I only wonder how my husband would take to that?! Maybe as a pillow speaker. I'm definitely going to ask my audiologist about maskers -Bev x

  • hi mrs hanson ive tried pillow speakers with no success, they get all tangled up and get in the way of pillows and the sounds didnt help me at all. i treid them for a year i live on flight path of edinburgh airport and my T is louder than the jets that pass over my house!

  • Drumcraw-sounds like you're having a really bad time, I'm sorry-Bev x

  • Hi Bev, my sound oasis is set on rainfall all night, every night. My partner now likes it. My son, in the next bedroom, likes to hear it too! It is such a natural sound and I can imagine the rain falling on the windows. Love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela that sounds good, I like rainfall, I like being in the conservatory when it's raining, I might start sleeping in there lol. Can't see my husband going for the sound oasis to be honest, I'm having a look at the speaker headbands as we speak-Bev x

  • I haven't tried those. Let us know if they work. Xx

  • hi berry. my T is so loud that my sound machine would wake up everyone if i had it at volume of T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or just below it impossible to focus away as its REALLY LOUD!!!!

  • Gosh - I'm so sorry, however maybe head-phones or pillow speakers? I just find that the pitch and inflections of the nature sounds seems to cancel out the eternal straight hiss which is the form my T takes - and I divert into concentrating onthat and can get some sleep.

  • tried them only pills get me to sleep went numerous nights with no sleep

  • hello mr shanson. i know how you feel completely but i think the aids help your ears to listen to other sounds therefore making the brain concentrate on them instead of T,taking them out will makeT worse. but i know how you feel mine gets REALLY LOUD a lot and ive stopped playing my music and listening to it because of T.ive had it 4 years and it was getting slightly better till last sat. when i listened to loudish music at aparty so i sympathise with you and i dont know how you can sleep! i cant, unless take pills! need,ess to say my life is ruined but i suppose we need to have hope that a cure will be found!

  • That's a shame you've stopped listening to music, does it aggravate your T a lot? I find it helps me a lot at the right volume. I have radio 6 music on Bluetooth speakers in every room in my house.

    Sleep can be so hard can't it? I hope yours calms down again. You have to try to be positive. Appreciate what's still good about life-Bev x

  • noit much really!

  • Yes, my tinnitus reacts loudly in taking out hearing aid. However, it's unmaskable so not surprising.

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