Noisy,loud Tinnitus

Hi everyone haven't posted for a while but I am having a really

bad time, tinnitus is ramping up every day, never goes down, brain

is a mass of noise, slept with medication from 12.3 to 5.0. Got up

for a drink back to bed no sleep just loud, loud white noise. Have

had it for 17 years. Seen everybody only relief is when i put my

hearing aid in but even that is being over taken. Have had noise generator

aids for about 6 years. Any suggestions, i am worn out.

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  • Ask your doctor about a low dose nortryptaline its a AD med but at a low dose can help tinnitus for some people..Amitryptaline is another....lots of love glynis

  • Hi Pete , sympathies as tinnitus can really wear you down . I am having crap time at moment so no expert . But what I find helps is distraction ! Even if that is watching stuff on iPad . Just something so I am not lying in silence in despair listening to roaring noise in ear !! Try listen to meditation apps before bed ! Good luck and hope things improve for you , hugs emma

  • Thanks Emma, i have tried all distraction methods and use everything every day.

    I use relaxation CD s all the time and have noise device at night but the tinnitus

    is louder. The night time is really bad i get 4 hrs maximum sleep it wakes me up

    and then it starts all over. The noise is so loud all the time !!!


  • Pete i dont really have any advise for you but i have bags of sympathy. My T has been ramping up just lately, always there, i know we get lots of advice about trying to cope with it but i sometimes just get sick to death of trying to avoid it, i just want to go about my everyday life without trying to avoid my Tinitus.

    I sometimes don't know how i can go on with it i just pray to god one day it will just go away.

    Has anyone out there actually had that happen, it would be encouraging to think that there could be light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

    Colin sorry but this has probably just made you feel worse, except you know you are not alone.

    Fingers crossed for the future


  • Thanks for reply, don't light night time @!@!

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