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Low hum with tinnitus

Hi I've suffered from tinnitus for as long as I can remember to varying degrees. I've had it quite badly lately, but last night was kept awake by a low hum in one ear. It drove me crazy. Sounds like a fridge or boiler etc. But I knew it wasn't as it was only one ear and was everywhere I went in my flat.

I did check Dr Google just now and hear it's really common. I can't hear it now I've turned a radio on, yet my ears are still ringing. Apparently that also happens.

Just wondering if others here have the same and how you cope?

Also is there a good clinic? Maybe audiologists who aren't too expensive. I've never bothered trying the NHS, doubt I'd get far, I've got migraines so have seen neurologist and had two brain MRI over the years, so I doubt they'd think it was worth referring me again for this.

Thanks guys, ugh 😑 I despair 😩

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Welcome to the BTA community!

I know what you mean as I had it also and really caused me problems along with head tinnitus on top of my normal high hiss.

I was put on Nortryptaline and my low drone as gone and head tinnitus and took the edge off my high pitch tinnitus.

It came back following a menieres flair up with a virus but has gone again thank goodness....lots of love glynis


Thanks for that, very helpful. I've discusssed some of those drugs with my GP previously, the main thing that happens with me is ill then have a good cycle and not want anything!


Are you drinking enough liquid? I've had that really loud hum and it was after eating fish and drinking wine the night before - keep up the liquids and it won't recur! I also have migraines - because of low blood sugar and de-hydration. Why don't I ever learn - I'm very good at giving advice and not taking it myself!



Yes the migraine doctor said blood sugar was an issue for me, I agree with you, so often it's not self caring that causes or at least triggers this stuff. Then we wonder why we are suffering!

Thanks for that. Interesting to think about food and drink triggers as well ..


Welcome to the BTA forum!

We'd suggest first of all going to your GP - tinnitus is very common, and sometimes there can be a physical cause behind it, so it's worth getting checked out. This cause can be as simple as a build up of ear wax. In VERY VERY rare cases, single sided tinnitus can be a symptom of something more serious and your GP should refer you to audiology just to get checked out.

Audiologists on the NHS are pretty well equipped these days to offer support - you might want to read our information leaflet on the topic - and whilst you're there, we've plenty of information on managing tinnitus too.

If you would like to speak to one of our friendly and experienced team, we have a freephone helpline on 0800 018 0527 which is open Mon-Fri, 9-5. And of course the good people here are always willing to chip in with support and advice!


Thanks so much, that's fab to hear there's a helpline.

I've had this off an on for literally as long as I can remember. I just posted here as I'm on the migraine clinic group on this forum and often it is good for getting tips.

I was just concerned when it seemed a bit different, but then it stopped the next day and had two days clear. I have a migraine this am so the tinnitus is back, it so often goes together. I do want to see an audiologist at some point about it all. It's just getting the priorities sorted when it comes to GPs. The whole thing of not bringing them too many problems etc etc, I tend to have another thing that needs sorting and appt are so hard to get.


Arriving late after doing a search - I've just posted my similar problem elsewhere here. Perhaps I need to approach a GP to ask about medication for the low-frequency hum????


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