Tinnitus In Deaf ear and help or advice

Hi all. I recently (4 months ago) had a TBI, and damaged my inner ear, resulting in total Permanente hearing loss in my left ear, which I now have constant tinnitus in (never suffered with it before nor do I have it in my right ear). Many or most articles I've read generally talk about masking the noise, using hearing aids etc. but none of these can work for me, with having SSD. Does any body else suffer the same and have any advice to ease and help with my tinnitus.

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  • Yay mjy1, sorry to hear you're struggling with your T. I had my entire inner right ear removed 30 years ago after a massive tumour operation. I suffer with a lot of problems including T and like you none of the options available out there will work for me either. I have it 24/7 and very loud, all I can say is I have to live side by side with it and some days it still drives me crazy!

    It will drag you down if you let it although I don't know how loud or how frequent yours is? For some it's an absolute nightmare even with maskers etc. We learn to exist with it as best we can as that is all you can do if there is no help available out there. I've found acceptance of it is the biggest help to me but even with that it can be very hard. I wish you luck and am sorry I can't give you more helpful advice.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Xene thanks for your reply. Its constant and loud, I'm doing my best for it not to drag me down, and I'm trying to get myself to except it.

  • Hi. Sorry to hear it's hard for you. I have near perfect hearing but my tinnitus is so loud that even the loudest master or TV or radio doesn't touch it. I find I can manage better when I am with people and keeping busy , though it hits me as soon as I stop ( like to read / reply now ). My challenge is that I still hope it may easeven off one day , even for an hour , but it doesn't. Somehow we all find our own ways of coping a best wever can. I wish you all the best 😇

  • Thanks lindsay6

  • Hi mjy1. I'm a fellow SSD sufferer but am five months ahead of you! I woke up one morning to find that I'd completely lost the hearing in my left ear but instead of silence I've been left with horrendous 24-7 tinnitus. Whilst being fitted up for a BAHA my audiologist suggested that instead of going ahead straight away, I try a hearing aid in my deaf ear first. It's a custom fit hearing aid and crazy as it sounds, although I'm still completely deaf, it does seem to feed enough 'sound' into the ear for my brain to listen to and this in turn has lessened my tinnitus to a much more bearable level. In addition, I think it's helped with directional sound, which as you will know is just one of the many problems associated with SSD... Keep strong - its early days for you but I can reassure you that things will get better.

  • Thanks, im hoping it does get better.

  • Hello there and welcome to the forum.

    We know that people with hearing loss can't use all the techniques suggested for managing tinnitus. However, many relaxation techniques can be used, and without wishing to blow my own trumpet (as I was the author of the leaflet) we produced some information on relaxation techniques which don't rely on being able to hear.

    You can find the information here: tinnitus.org.uk/ideas-for-r...

  • Thank you, i will take a look at the information.

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