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Tinnitus and hearing aid with generator

Does anyone sometimes not hear the generator noise in their hearing aid and just the tinnitus at times? I know its tailored to my hearing test and the noises I described. I should have had mine at a higher level as the audiologist wanted but found the level scary at the appointment and she turned it down. Thanks to asking she is taking me on Friday to turn it up as I sometimes can't hear it. When I do though, I find it somewhat comforting as I know I hear it working away.

Saying that, the generator was fitted in a quiet room. Outside is a different case for hearing it

I thought it had packed in the other day as it only played the start up music and died. Tried new battery. Couldn't hear anything in my good ear either. Then today I tried it and we got noise.

Hoping this one turned up and a generator in my good ear which only started slight tinnitus in May after a breakdown will help the way seem less fearful.

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Has your duel purpose hearing aid with a masker setting have a option to alter the strength of the white noise ?

I have a duel purpose hearing aid with masker and the masker can only be set at one level and no option to turn it up or down.

I am waiting see audiology for new aids that can.

I also have two maskers that you can alter but no amplification of aound....lots of love glynis


My hearing aid has a noise generator where I can't adjust the hearing aid but I can adjust the noise from the generator.

It's a series of sounds with different tones and pitches customised to my ear the audiologist said. I believe some of it is white noise.

It's a third the size of the ordinary NHS ordinary hearing aids and the fitment in the ear is much smaller too.

Thanks for your reply Glynis.



Sorry. I meant to add that I hope your new aids suit better.



This may sound strange but when I deliberately make my ears pop (by pinching my nose and blowing hard) the white noise in the right ear hearing aid is MUCH louder .... and so I am now wondering whether my ear drums were in the right place when the levels were originally set. Unfortunately I got my aids from the Tinnitus Clinic in London and it costs £120 a consultation - so I have to save up or put up!!!11



sometimes when I pinch and blow the hearing in both ears seems much louder but goes back to normal. Maybe just passages opening and sound is louder then closing and it settles down again.

My bad ear, left, has been up and down and I have had a few hours of almost quiet the last couple of days.

Saying that the noise in my good ear has been louder at times, quieter and then almost nothing. Not usually so noticeable.

This is all strange to me. Go to audiologist tomorrow to have sound generator in hearing aid for left ear turned up, got a cancellation, so will ask, although she did sat the noise can travel. Great having peace at times but my other ear starting up so much is unnerving.

Plus the sound generator packed up again. Hopefully get a new one that will work all the time.

Two weeks till I get a sound generator for the good ear. Perfect hearing but got tinnitus after a breakdown in may.

Suffer terribly with anxiety a lot so hopefully with the two generators this will go.

Found the generator I have comforting when I could make out some sounds. I know it's working on my ear.

Hoping this finds you well



Hi jenawd,

I had hearing aid fitted with noise masker for mild hearing loss and moderate tinnitus and can adjust the volume of masker depending on loudness of my T and like you had it done in a quiet room so sound was ok there. However when Im at work like you the masking sound is barely audible even turned up to full volumn so didnt seem to be getting the benefit of it or so it seemed and i was beginning to wonder if i was doing more harm than good by having volumn up. I decided not to use the hearing aid for a time and to be honest i think im better off not wearing it as my t doesn't seem to be as bad without using it. In fact i think its better as although i still get spikes nearly every day, Ive gone back to having less than when i was using the hearing aid. That said i know for many people with T, using aides is the only way they get relief but its not always the solution for everyone but has to be trialled i guess to see if it works or not. I do find it a bit strange that on the one hand hearing aides with maskers are used to manage T, yet some of the advice given is not to wear in ear, ear phones, so do hearing aides with maskers not qualify as an in ear ear phone? As it seems very simular?? Hope you had some success with your GP. Lesley x

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