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Not Alone

Hi all,

It is so uplifting to know that you are not alone and suffering something awful in solitude. It is clear that many many people suffer from"T" to varying degrees and nearly all struggle with the condition. It is a curse and in many ways you just cannot come to terms with it. I am suffering at present, no respite, stressful job which I have to keep and just getting more and more fatigued and anxious.

I will be able to lift myself out of this present hole because I love life, my family and the natural world. These are the things that really, really matter and remember "T" for all its worst effects should not take you away from these joys in life.

Now then how long till I win the lottery and can give up work? How long till there is a treatment that works ?

Keep smiling.

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Your positivity towards life will help you through the tough tinnitus spikes 😊...lots of love glynis

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