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Twitching sound/sensation in ear

Hi I am 52 yr old woman with a twitching sound/sensation in my right ear. It started when I was a child and has literally NEVER gone away. Recently I have become acutely aware of it again and it is driving me to distraction. It fills the whole of my head with the "noise" Very invasive when it is quiet and an extra layer of sound in noisy situations.

Has anyone got any advice to stop me going mad while I wait to see an ENT specialist.



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Hi Julie,

Welcome to the BTA community.

Keeping sound on throughout the night set below your tinnitus will help your brain not to fixate on your tinnitus and fluttering and that will over time help in the day.

It could be due to a problem your stapes and a MRI can check that out for you.

Always good do a basic M.O.T on your ears- steam inhalation and olive oil drops in your ear and will soften and clear ear wax so ENT can have a clear view in your ear down to your ear drum at your appointment....lots of love glynis


Hi Julie and welcome to the BTA forum. The members here all have lots of good advice and I'm sure will be along soon and will chip in.

A resource you might want to check out is the BTA site - it's an e-learning course, with lots of practical ways suggested of managing tinnitus.

And if you want to talk to anyone, our helpline is open Mon-Fri 9-5 on 0800 018 0527.

We'll help you through this tough wait!


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