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Into my 5th Year and struggling

My "T" came on very suddenly one warm July day in 2012 whilst standing chatting in the kitchen. It has never left me since. Like all sufferers I panicked at first and could not come to terms with the condition. I then settled down once I realized that I was the only person who could help deal with it. I also quickly learned to steer clear of the vultures queuing to make money from my misery. I learned how to manage my "T" using thought process and masking sounds. I would get about 3 days natural respite a week allowing some normal life and some proper sleep. Unfortunately, I now seem to be locked into an incessant high pitch scream in the center of my head which does not relent.

Desperation is creeping in and the lack of sleep is awful. I just do not know how to carry on at present. I think the only option is drugs to help sleep and pray for a break through in treatment soon.

One thing I do know with absolute clarity is that "T" preys upon negative feelings. Beat those and you reduce the effects of "T". So, here we go another day in paradise, at least it is not life threatening.

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Sorry to hear you're struggling. I've been going through a similar experience myself since Christmas. The lack of sleep doesn't help and for me definitely fuelled my negative thoughts. New Years eve was the worst night I've ever had. The noises were awful and i spiralled into major depressed mode. Since then I've tried really help to challenge my negative thoughts and calm myself down with meditation. It really does help but it is incredibly difficult to think positively when you just want to rip your head off in frustration.

Do you do any relaxation techniques or anything like that? I also got some melatonin from my gp to help with sleep. Might be worth trying. It's so much easier to cope when you've had some decent sleep and a break from the noise.

I really hope things improve for you soon.

Georgia xx


have you considered or had any CBT to deal with it? CBT is the best way to combat negative thoughts.


Hi, when i read your post for a second or two i thought that i had infact written it myself and i think you will find that your post mirrors how Tinnitus came into the lives of many many people who are on this site. One night, about 8 or 9 years ago i went to bed without a care in the world only to be woken up at about 3am with this terrible racket going on between my ears and its been with me ever since. Yes, i consider that i have habituated and indeed i have learned to live with it but there are times when, oh yes there are times when i would dearly love to hear the sound of silence again but i know it will never happen. I guess the only solice i get is knowing that in this wicked world my lot, as it were, is really not so bad,-----------at the moment! I, like you, do not sleep very well i spend many an hour during the night listening to my Tinnitus but i do treat myself twice a week and i take a sleeping pill which my GP has prescribed for me, but even so i still wake but not so many times as i normally do, i guess i can count myself lucky because im retired so if i am wacked out in the morning it doesn't matter.

Sincere Regards, Peter.😊


Hi London20.

I had a terable time last year with head tinnitus and loud drone and high pitch

Ringing in both ears and not slept for weeks.

The doctor put me on a low dose AD medication Nortryptine 50mg.

It stopped the drone noise and head tinnitus and took my high pitch tinnitus down a notch.

Nortryptaline or Amitryptaline can reduce sever tinnitus for some people and even through its a antidepresant its only a low dose and it also helps you sleep and given for insomnia...lots of love glynis


Hi London20,

I have been using trimipramine (an anti-depressant) to help me sleep for years now. Like a previous poster I don't use it every night, only when I have to do something the following day that needs me to be more awake / alert than usual. As much as I would prefer to never take medicines to help me sleep, getting up next morning having had 6-7 hours rather than 3-4 or less hours sleep makes it seem worthwhile.


Hi. I too am into my fifth year , strange what ' small things' bring people together. I have had no respite or easy days in that time and am now paying for a counsellor and on Monday I went to see an oesteopath. I am still a bit gob smacked about how brilliant he was - how he ' got ' me and ' got' tinnitus. He explained about the nervous system , how in tinnitus ( medical term I can't recall) is like pain . When I think about how much wasted money i ahve spent on people far more expensive and far less helpful. I am sure he could help - I have to work on the self belief and try and sort my stressful life out to give it a chance ( I ahve to keep working ). BUT he did get it and was outside the ' usual suspects' whe expect , or don't , to understand. I know Glynis has been helped by nortrypine and he said that this and amitrpaline can help ( he has a very holistic approach). Best stop - off to see the lady i am seeing to help with the pain which as I type is shooting from my ears through out my whole body. To end on a positive , we all have to keep trying , as hard a sit is xx


Hi Lindsay, good to read that you had a positive session with the osteo. Fingers crossed you get some answers / relief. Love Angela xx


Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear you're struggling with your sleep. Our advice sheet does say that there is a place for medication to help you sleep if necessary, but it also has lots of other tips too - all the ones you know about, but which tend to go out of your mind when you're stressed and not sleeping! You can find it here:


I am sorry to hear you are like this. I am feeling quite desperate myself. I had a nervous breakdown which escalated my tinnitus. Tinnitus I had literally not noticed for years. My tinnitus was kind of softening with time and a hearing aid with noise generator which I only recently got. Going to have sound turned up as I was a bit scared at first and the radiologist turned it down even although she wanted it louder.

My doc gave me promethazine a few days ago and my tinnitus went high and metallic again. Saw him again and said to keep trying it. Did and still the same.

He won't give me diazepam again as he said it only fixes things for a bit. Won't give me anything else.

He gave me it before when escitalopram sent it sky high.

Couldn't hear noise generator at all and the noise has been up and down a wee bit today but loud!

Stopped the promethazine yesterday and it should be out of my system in no time. But I doubt the tinnitus may recede due to stress of having no other medicine to try.

Have several chloordiazepoxide and took one out of desperation at half one today. Helped a bit to calm me but the noise is still hellish.

It went down before and no doubt will again but I feel I need medication to help me through.

Need to be able to hear the noise generators.

If need be it will be a trip to the local hospital A+E to speak to the mental health team and I can tell them my doc won't help.


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