I had to go out for an appointment today and I'd just set foot in the building when major drilling and banging etc started just near the desk where I was. It was incredibly loud and now I'm panicking it's made my tinnitus worse. One ear seems a bit different. I moved away as soon as possible so only there literally a few minutes, probably less. I'm anxious by nature and can't help panicking when these things happen. I suppose it's just a question of trying to stay calm. Do these things bother anyone else or is it just me being too anxious

Georgia xx

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  • Hi Georgia, I get like that too but am learning to bounce back a little faster - try to block those worries that it will make it worse, it will get better. I freeze when it happens still, but then I remember there was a time I could take these noises. I have to tell myself to breath and try to think of something calming, I know its easier said than done, but anything to get out of that panic state. XOXO

  • Hi Bee

    I also freeze and am just completely rooted to the spot. It's happened time and time again. I did my head space meditation when I got in which helped me to just sort my mind out a bit and calm down. You're absolutely right though, once upon a time I didn't give noise and sounds and ears a second thought. They weren't an issue. I will try and keep reminding myself of that.


  • Hi Georgia,

    I think I will be the same when they dig and drill our street up soon to lay new gas pipes all down the road

    Lots of love glynis

  • Hi Glynis

    Good luck with that!


  • Hi Georgia, I use the tube most days on my commute and at times it can be really loud and can react with my T but I try to crack on as usual and stop letting it dictate my behaviour....which at times can be a challenge, especially on bad days. Cheers, Steve

  • Hi Steve

    I've let my tinnitus dictate my behaviour far too much but I just find loud noise such a problem. I find public transport very difficult to use and my tinnitus certainly reacts to the sound which I've found difficult to get used to, especially when the day has started off fairly quietly.

  • Hi Georgia, I'm exactly the same. Deffo to do with being an anxcious person. Tell yourself that it's your body's way of protecting, deep breathing and again tell your mind and body that it's OK.

    On another note about anxiousness, I went to buy a couple of books today, one on mindfulness and another for yoga 😀

    I think the power of the mind and concentration can help wonders for many things in life, so we could all do this together perhaps? Find 10-15 mins per day to do this, even if we don't want to, at least try.

    What do we all think?

    The book I bought was called 'The Miracle of Mindfulnes' by Thich Nhat Hanh. I have already stated reading it and feeling enlightened

    Elle xxx

  • Hi Elle

    I've been using the Head space meditation app for the past couple of months and I've found it very helpful. I like the fact it's only 10 minutes so it's manageable. I also got a book from my local library called mindfulness for worriers which has been quite useful.

    I agree the mind is very powerful and I think you can convince yourself things are awful and then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I wish I could put all this stuff into practice like today for example. Panic and despair immediately set in but I'm working on it.

    Georgia xx

  • Hi Georgia, I'll look for that book too in my library, its always amazing the things you can find at your local library! hope your night is less stressful! I know all of this is putting years on me quickly :)

  • Thanks Bee. Its putting years on me too. People used to comment I didn't look my age, now they don't comment at all!!


  • yea, I get that too. I forgot to mention try smelling something pleasant, lavender, cedar - anything that you like… i find it helps to calm me. I don't know why it helps, maybe just focusing on another sense? XOXO

  • Hello Georgia, your reaction is entirely natural to someone who suffers with T.Sudden loud noises affect me in a similar manner, persons sneezing unnecessarily loudly is a particular pet hate. I've started to wear earplugs under a beanie hat when I watch live sport lest I have someone shouting in my ear. I do worry that I'll want to stop going out at all at some point in the near future. Do I have to live T or does it have to live with me. I hope tomorrow is kind to you . P

  • Hi Paul

    Thanks for the reply. The world is a noisier place for sure and I don't go to as many places as I used to. I find it all way too stressful. Last night when I went to bed I could hear a new sound in one ear after my noise encounter yesterday. Trying to not get too anxious and depressed but very difficult. I'm hoping it will settle.


  • Hi Georgia - how are you today? Any better ?

    Yes, the world is noisier - everything beeps !


  • Hi Bee

    Not happy with this noise in one ear from yesterday, my good side too. I'm really hoping it's just my anxiety magnifying everything. Just finished the foundation of the Head space app and am about to start tomorrow on the anxiety pack. Am hoping it will help.

    HoWe things with you?

    Georgia xx

  • Hi Georgia, it will settle down, sometimes it takes a little bit. Im okay, been trying to look in my arsenal for calming tools too - today was a rough day.


  • Sorry to hear that Bee. It's so difficult isn't it. I have my routine of various masking noises and relaxation stuff and then you have a setback or a bad day and it's not enough.

    I hope tomorrow is a better day.

    Georgia xx

  • I've started to become sensitive to certain noises, I have tinnitus in both ears and its definitely getting worse very difficult to live with,

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