Finaly going to achieve a long time ambition

Well Before christmas I finally heard the news that my all time favourite rock band were coming to uk and i managed to get tickets to see Guns n Roses at olympic park stadium in june this year. Im so excited as missed seeing them live last time they were in uk and before they split up. I know its going to be loud and i will be taking my ear plugs but I decided I wasn't going to let my tinnitus stand in the way of seeing them. Will be a memorable day for me. Lesley x

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  • Hi Lesley

    I would go and see my favourite band as well, probably stand back a bit nowadays because of T but would definitely be there,

    Good luck and enjoy x

  • Good for you Lesley - you go for it. Love Lynne xx

  • Saw this band in 1988, almost 3 decades ago, feeling quite old now just thinking about that. Wish I could go back to those pre-T days. Hope you have a good day / night out.

  • Hi Lesley, that's good to read. We must all do our best to live our lives despite our T. Happy new year, love Angela xx

  • That's awesome Lesley !


  • Bet it will be lovely

    ..lots of love glynis

  • I went to see my favourite band play last year - and it was my birthday too :) I was cheeky and tweeted them to ask them to publicise our Plug-em campaign and using ear plugs - and they did! I never go anywhere without a set in my bag, and as I was three rows from the front, I needed them. No ringing the next day, either.

    Have fun!

  • I have been to parties where they've had disco music blaring out and it hasn't made my T worse, in fact its done the opposite and its like its been numbed??? So not sure why that is. But i know Guns are a loud rock band so will take my ear plugs. So looking forward to seeing them though. Lesley x

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