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Reduced noise today David

Evening All I know some of you including me are going through torture with our tinnitus but we do get better times as if proof was needed mine started off badly this morning I put on my nature sound masker ( gentle Rain ) low level which soothed my nerves and gradually it faded into the background it's knowing that these times will come back and when mine is loud again gives you the will to just stick with it when it happens to enjoy the quieter moments coming around soon. Love David

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Thats great news David. Having a quiet time is so uplifting and makes you feel better. Ive had a good day too, although just as i go to bed, it starts getting louder again.....still like you, im grateful its given me a bit of respite just for a little while.

Will be having some cherry juice tonight and hopefully things will settle down again tomorrow.

Love lesley x


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