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The Big Picture

Tinnitus can affect us in a variety of ways. A difficult hurdle for some to get over especially in the early days is to stop thinking of the past. The way life used to be before the onset of the condition. If we are not careful this can cause stress, anxiety and in some instances delay the habitation process. Understandably, a person wants everything to be as it once was but sometimes this is easier said than done because it takes time.

If the tinnitus was caused by exposure to loud noise, which is often the case and not an underlying medical problem, this could be another cause for concern, as some people might constantly berate themselves. Thinking what they are enduring might have been avoidable if they hadn’t done this or that or known of potential risks that were involved, then they wouldn’t be going through this ordeal now.

As compassionate as one might try to be, it’s not so easy to convince someone they are not to blame, when their own conscience has decided they are judge and jury. The benefits of hindsight can be a wonderful thing it’s just unfortunate we haven’t the ability of foresight too. Of course not all loud noise exposure is avoidable because a person might just happen to be in a particular place or situation at the wrong time.

Nevertheless, some people do find themselves at a crossroads and not knowing how to get over the stumbling block that’s set before them and therefore, I have a few suggestions.

We cannot change the past because what has happened has happened. No matter how many times we replay the scene in our mind it will remain unchanged.

I believe it’s a total waste of time and energy to keep reliving it. Lay it to rest and forget it and move on. However, we can do something about our future because it hasn’t been written yet and there is a world out there and you’re a part of it. Put your mind in gear and start thinking what you’re able to do with your tinnitus instead of thinking what you’re unable to do. The positive vibe will come through with time, patience and determination.

I believe It is the important things our life that really matter so hold on to them. In essence I am saying to look at the big picture. This will give you clarity, perception and will cut a clear path that will enable you to see where you want to go in life.


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It's even more difficult to accept that we have T when it wasn't noise induced. Mine was caused my anaesthetic/stress of a major op and then made much worse by a virus which gave me a tonsillitis- type illness from hell. It is only recently that I have learnt to live with it and hence habituation begins. Angela xx


Good to hear that you have found a way to manage your tinnitus Angela and hope that things continue to get better...

All the best



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