Chiropractic treatment for Tinnitus

I'd be interested to hear the communities views on this. I have a family friend who runs a successful chiropractic practice and has treated many members of my family, all of whom are happy with the outcome. I however remain a sceptic. Anyway, I had a consultation and was advised that there was a lot of misalignment of my jaw, neck etc, which would benefit from treatment. I did have a significant whiplash and concussion from a fall in August which resulted in a full hospital once-over (but no onset of t), so it could be that has got me all out of shape. I can alter the volume of my tinnitus by manipulating my jaw and I also sometimes get an increase in volume when walking/running. It might be psychosomatic, but if I get a tense neck/head the hissing volume goes up too.

I'd welcome any thought! Cheers, Steve

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  • Could be worth a try...lots of love glynis


  • Yes Steve I would give it a try if I were you. Let us know how it goes. Angela xx

  • Thanks Angela, will do. Cheers, Steve

  • I've had chiropractic adjustments on several occasions for different problems. For me they worked brilliantly well so I'd be in favour of getting your bits-and-bobs straightened anyway, if only because they're not as they should be. Whether it would improve your T situation I have no idea.

  • There is a link in some people between their tinnitus and any jaw/neck problems:

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Nic, that's a very useful article and certainly a complex part of the anatomy. I'm inclined to leave this path of treatment for the time being though. Steve

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