Silly question can having tinnitus affect your weight?

Good day All this may sound silly but does the stress of tinnitus make you lose weight? I am not on a diet just the opposite I have a sweet tooth so eat cakes twice a day at least and this time of year will indulge I got on the scales to day and was surprised to see my weight 88 kgs I was around 90 kgs I am just average height has anyone had this happen to them?. David

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  • Hi David, stress is a funny old thing regarding food, in some people stress will cause them to go off of food on the other hand in other people stress will cause them to comfort eat and thus the pounds will pile on. However if you are loosing weight for no apparent reason then you must see a doctor. Have a nice and quiet day, sincerely, Pete 😆

  • Hi Rolandki I enjoy my food but my mood is really low I am trying hard to keep it together I'm sure my tinnitus will settle down thanks.David

  • I think any kind of long term stress will cause us to lose weight David. I know from bad things that have happened to me in the past that this is true. Hope you are feeling better today. Sorry to hear you have been suffering recently. Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne my mood is low I have seen the Gp today I have referred my self to try CBT counselling will try anything to break the cycle thanks for your reply.Love David

  • Hi again David, its just brilliant that you are going to try to get CBT, once you get help from Audiology, in time, i am sure you will start to feel much better, well done my friend😆.


  • Try to stay strong David - you`ll get through this. I think everyone`s stress levels go up at this time of the year. And stress definitely makes my tinnitus louder. Take care. Love Lynne xx

  • Thanks Lynne for kind words I intend to get through this Love. David

  • Hi David,

    Might be worth upping your Amitryptaline too

    I'm sure CBT will be helpful..

    Keep an eye on your weight and if eating ok as stress can make you eat or the opposite.

    I'm really tired at the moment..lots of love glynis

  • Hi David, stress can do things but if your losing weight, you should have it checked out.

    XOXO Bee

  • Hi Bee well I weighed myself on the digital scales which read 88 kgs then on the downstairs ordinary scales it read 90 kgs so i believe the down stairs scales thanks Bee. Xx

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