From all guns blaring to a whisper

Evening all for those who took the time to come to my support today it has been one of my worse days at the worse of times I played out in my mind how to end my misery but for tinnitus to go from sever to just a whisper I guess even the most expert's can't answer that I did react to the torture of screaming just to be quiet followed by holding my head in my hands I am thankful to have got through another day and without the kindness of others who know what I am going through gives you strength to cope better next time thank you very much.David

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  • Your stronger than you think David...

    We are here for each other so your never alone and you have my number...

    Hope you got your tree up

    ..lots of love glynis x

  • Let us know how you get on with counselling David.

    One very useful thing I got out of seeing a counsellor was learning to see our brain as 2 parts. Further research got me thinking.

    One part is the emotional brain. This is pretty prehistoric in nature and causes the fight or flight responses we often associate with the panic stage of tinnitus. It results in over sensitivity in hearing and increased heart beat (blood pressure), both things which will make the T appear louder.

    The other part is the logical brain. This has developed over time and gives us the capability to put our emotional part of brain in check. In a sense it can teach the emotional part to calm down as we know logically there is actually no real threat with this new sound.

    After lots of self training, the emotional part of the brain starts to ignore the T and things get quiter. Eventually, it puts it behind a closed door unless we chose to open it again (not recommended!).

  • I am so pleased it has eased a bit. I get how you feel. I look back with envy to the days when my t was only 70 % of the screech and ferocity it is now. I have nearly passed out two days this week with the sheer volume and intensity of my tinnitus this week - scarey for me and my family and friends. But if it can reduce for others I must believe it will do so for me. 2017 I will just have to ' go it alone ' without NHS and use my savings to try other routes . 😀

  • Hi Linsey6 if I told you what I have spent on different therapies and buying private heating aids it is a small fortune be careful not to throw money at your Tinnitus only to not get anywhere only where you are now as I have found to my cost the NHS Is as good as anything although I get my ear wax micro sucked private I am tolerate to most level of my tinnitus but it wears you down l just hate Xmas and all that goes with it I have to for my partner and friends sake take care.David

  • Hi Lindsay, hope it's better today for you. The advice I would give is the same as David's - you are entitled to get the best from your local NHS. There's no cure as yet so there's no point in paying for the same treatment given by the NHS. My journey after the onset of T was - GP/ENT consultant/hearing test/tinnitus audiologist who gave me hearing aid for rt ear for slight loss and a white noise masker for left ear/CBT/relaxation class provided by NHS tinnitus clinic. I also have an oasis sound machine which is on all through the night. Oh and I was prescribed Mirtazapine anti anxiety pills which I took for 12 months. Hope this is useful info for you. Love Angela xx

  • Thanks Angela. My gp has been very understanding but we hit problems with the appalling local ENT and Audiology ( she wrote a letter ). I cant say too much about an individual because I decided not to complain despite PALs saying I had every right. I now have audiologist at another hospital who is very nice but there is no CBT or relaxation or anything - hence I will have to use my savings. I did try a mindfulness class on NHS but the only one available was for people with mental health problems and I am actually much chirpier than for many years despite my tinnitus. I have asked to be referred to pain management but told no . I will have to use my savings to go to relaxation etc and to have CBT. I also will possibly use for a short period if I leave my job - it is very stressful and I prefer my free lancework which I can do at my pace. I may add a comment to David from BTA request for how BTA can develop - I think getting services more uniformly across the country would be great . Thanks again - best go puback where I am having coffee with my Mum is filling up !

  • That is appalling as the same NHS treatments should be available for all and not the postcode lottery, as it's called 😒 I would think that when you remove stress from your life the T will quieten. I am retired and just know I could not have done my job with my unwelcome guest. I need a quiet lifestyle more than ever. I do get fed up of having to face the battle each day, as I'm sure most of us do. Keep hoping, love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela yes like you I hate to face the battle everyday & how we put up with it . David

  • It's most likely why you're losing weight David. I lost almost 2 stones that first year 😒 And didn't need to lose weight. The Mirtazapine put the weight on again, so now at proper weight. Love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela H my GP put me on anatryaline I take at night is it worth asking my GP Mirtazapine?.

  • Hi David, I was beyond anxiety with the onset of T so my GP said Mirtazapine was the best for me. If I were you I would wait a few weeks to see whether your current meds work. You'll most likely put on weight over Xmas! I probably will too ! Yummy food! Xx

  • Hi Angela we have so much food in already so yes I will be putting weight on so diet comes the new year .

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