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Hi everyone, I`ve had hearing loss and tinnitus for just over two years. The first six months I was in a very bad place - I then got some counselling, joined the BTA and through them I found out about a local support group. Gradually things began to improve and now for most of the time I cope pretty well. I`m looking forward to staying in touch with the friends I made on the old forum (they know who they are !!) and to meeting new members and reading their stories. Lynne xx

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  • Hope you are both ok and looking forward to Christmas .

    See you at the next group meeting . ...lots of love glynis

  • Yes we`re ok thanks Glynis and yes looking forward to Christmas. Hope you are feeling better now. Look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Have a lovely Christmas and wishing you the best of health for 2017. Love Lynne and Jeff xx

  • How do you get your photo up on profile

  • Go on your name right at the top of the page. Then click Profile. There are two spaces for photos. Click Edit Profile then upload your photos. Then Save them then click Save at the bottom of page. (I think !) xx

  • Hi Lynne and it's good to see you - a lovely photo! Just when I discovered how to upload mine on the old forum it all changes! Always good to read your posts Love Angela xx

  • Hi Lynne

    Nice to see you on here, all of us regulars are slowly migrating from the old forum

    Take care Dave xx

    PS have a great Christmas

  • Yes good to stay in touch Dave. Happy Christmas to you too. Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Angela, Yes I`m gradually finding my way around. Looks like we`ll have more members now which is good. Took me a while to do the photographs - I`ve done them on facebook before so just had to remember what I did then. Looking forward to chatting to you. Love Lynne xx

  • Lynne, I am still getting used to my new iPhone which I've had for 9 days. My old netbooks is broken - only 4 yrs old, things don't last do they - so I don't know if facebook pics can be used. I need a new laptop or netbook as I need to be able to type properly- don't like these 1 letter at a time keyboards. Ps just got home after a walk at Attingham with my son 😀 Xx

  • Hi Angela, I took the photos from the ones in our laptop. I haven`t got a smart phone - just a basic one so I don`t use the internet on my phone. I just use our laptop - I too prefer to type. I have got a netbook which I had to take away with me but I don`t use it much - it`s too slow and doesn`t always do what I tell it to !!!!!!!!!!!! I`m not very patient. Last time we went to Attingham they were doing a lot of work extending the restaurant. I like Attingham and it`s not too far for us to go. Jeff`s not driving far at the moment - he`s been suffering from vertigo - he`s waiting for an appointment at ENT so could be a while yet. Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne

    You've replied to some of my posts on the old bta forum so thought I'd say hello.

    Georgia xx

  • Hello Georgia, Hope you are well and coping with your tinnitus. Looking forward to chatting some more on this new forum. Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne, I'll be looking for new laptop/netbook in the new year sales. The Carriage House restaurant is still being extended and there's a temporary one in the Stables where the shop used to be. It was deer feeding time when we went and the sunset was lovely as we looked to the hills of Pontesbury. I hope that Jeff will soon be able to drive as you must both miss exploring new places. When you next visit Attingham it would be lovely if we could meet there for a coffee! I am going with my son to his MA graduation this week - I missed his BA last July as I was so very ill with the pain of my T. Thank goodness his sister could go with him so he didn't miss me too much! Hope you're having a good day, love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, Yes would be good to meet up. I`ll let you know when we are next coming to Attingham. We are going to Moseley Old Hall on Sunday with some friends - something special the Trust are doing for Christmas.

    You must be very proud of your son - hope you have a lovely day.

    This afternoon I`m going to see the Nurse at our Surgery - possible ear syringing so not looking forward to that !! These days with my hearing loss and one of my noises being hissing I can`t tell whether my ears are clogged up or not so thought I`d get them checked. Since June on the advice of our Nurse Practitioner I have been putting olive oil in my ears about 3 or 4 times a week in the evening so at least the wax should be soft.

    Hope everything ok with you. Love Lynne xx

  • Hope all is well with your ears Lynne. I know what you mean - the extra T noise affects our hearing of external noise. I am on the waiting list to see my usual tinnitus audiologist and will be interested to find out if my hearing has got worse. My daughter loves to visit as many NT properties as possible too. I don't go very far on my own since T but must try harder next year and not let T rule my life! Love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, Well I had my ears syringed - no problems thank goodness. I`m always a bit worried when I have any ear clear outs !! I`ve always had a problem with excess wax but suppose it`s worse with hearing aids - I suppose they push the wax down. It did take her about four times to clear the left one but she did a good job - I can hear a bit better now - I was thinking I`d lost some more of my hearing but I haven`t. That`s that sorted now, for a while anyway - now on to sorting out my next problem. I seem to sort one thing then something else happens.

    I have a problem with my left eye which I`m hoping is just the cataract. I have glaucoma and also five years ago I had an operation on my right eye to repair a macular hole and at the same time he did the cataract on that one but I never got the left one done. So my visiion`s a bit iffy at the moment. Anyway I`ve just made an appointment at Boots for next week.

    I`m sure you do your best with your tinnitus Angela - sometimes it`s best just to do what you`re comfortable with. Love Lynne xx

  • Hi Lynne, pleased your ears are behaving and sorry you've the worry of your eyes. It is my opinion that it's all downhill after 60 - well that's how it was for me, with the beginning of the prolapse and the ill effects of that and the op which caused T. But I remind myself of my dear cousin who passed away this year age 59 with cancer. We have to be thankful that we wake up each morning. Love Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, Yes know what you mean - these last few years I`ve had one thing after another mainly to do with my eyes and my ears. Bits dropping off all over the place he he !! I just get fed up with doctor`s and hospital appointments and just when I think I`ve finished with them something else comes along. Always someone worse off though.

    Jeff`s had his appointment with ENT at last 19th January so not too long to wait.

    Hope you enjoyed your son`s graduation. Love Lynne xx

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