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Hi everyone,

For me, tinnitus is one of those complaints that unless you are a sufferer, you cannot imagine the effects. When first it came upon me, I thought I was going crazy. On the road to acceptance I experienced two important lessons. The first and most important was that other had gone and were going through the same experience. The second was on hearing a tape of about 2 dozen different tinnitus sounds. Mine was about 2/3rds along the tape. In our small group we were all represented on the tape but all different.

Sadly, one of the difficulties is that talking or writing about tinnitus tends to bring it to the fore. If anyone out there in the forum is a recent sufferer, hang in there, in my experience it does become manageable.


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Hi Geoff, your so right no one else knows and the people who do know forget, bar sufferers they have no idea. Maybe it's a good thing else I might be reminded about it all the time.

Thing is I find strange is That i can come here and express my self but I don't no anyone ?

I'm not a recent sufferer but after two years I think I coming to the point that I know it is here for good deal with it, I do hang in there it's so differcult sometimes, I'm glad I'm not alone.

Thanks Gary

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